Design House Stockholm is now embarking on an exciting project with its roots
in the world of literature. In collaboration with Astrid Lindgren AB, Astrid Lindgren’s
thoughtful words are now being launched on a series of colorful ceramic mugs.

Astrid’s words are engraved on the nine mugs in the collection. No other author has
so many quotations that resonate with so many people, generation after generation.
Some of the quotations can be 
recognized from Astrid’s well-loved characters,
while others are her own. To add an element of surprise, the different characters
the quotes belong to are featured inside the mugs. You might be thinking a mug is just a mug,
but these mugs are messengers that carry Astrid’s warmth and wisdom.





“I know what the meaning of life isn’t.
Collecting money and knickknacks and things,
being famous and grinning from the pages of women's
 glossy magazines, being so afraid of loneliness and quiet
 that you never get a calm moment to think:
What am I doing with my short time here on earth?”
– Astrid Lindgren